Exhibition Rules and Regulations

1. Stand Design and Construction

A. Official Stand Contractor

San Yau Expo Pte Ltd has been appointed as the Official Contractor for Sports & Fitness Asia2016. For contact person, please refer to our Official Contractors listing.

Exhibitors having Raw Space stand area may employ a contractor of his choice to construct and install any stands they may require. The name of the contractor must be given to the Event Secretariat by completing the Technical Form. Stand facilities listed are subjected to change at the discretion of the Event Secretariat without prior notice.

If exhibitors do not want any item in the standard stand package, they must accept that the cost of the package will not change and there will be no compensation or replacement with other equipment.

Additional furniture and electrical items can be rented from the Official Stand Contractor. Please place your order by completing the respective forms and returning these by the stipulated deadline.

No drilling, screw, paint, nail or fixture of any kind are allowed to be affixed onto partitions, floor or ceiling. Exhibitors are liable for any damages to their stands, fixture & fittings and the Exhibition venue, where caused by them or by any person or persons employed or engaged on their behalf. The cost of repair of any damages will be assessed by the Official Stand Contractor and charged accordingly to the exhibitor. The Event Secretariat, together with Venue Representative, will inspect the hall before and after the event.

B. Customised Stands arranged by Exhibitors with Official / 3rd Party Contractors

Exhibitors having Special Design stands can use the service of the Official Stand Contractor appointed by the Event Secretariat to undertake the job as this will facilitate convenient installation. Otherwise, exhibitors are required to obtain consent from the Event Secretariat before any of their own contractors are allowed to carry work on-site. The Event Secretariat reserves the right to reject any contractor and design they deem inappropriate. Each stand must have its own panels and it is not permitted to use neighboring panels. If any panel is higher than the one behind it, acceptable decoration or material must cover the back of the panel.The exhibitor may employ a contractor of his choice to construct and install any stands they may
require. The name of the contractor must be given to the Event Secretariat by completing the Technical Form.

Failure to obtain written approval can result in costly alterations onsite such as when designs or installations violate fire and safety, stand height and boundary or any space contract rules and regulations. When the Exhibitors appointed contractor is not the Official Stand Contractor, this contractor will be required to lodge with the Official Contractor, a refundable deposit of $500 per stand.

This is to ensure that the rules and regulations are abided by and to cover any damages arising directly from any infringement. This is without prejudice to any additional claims the Event Secretariat may have on the contractor if the damages exceed the deposit.

C. Construction height
The max permitted stand height is 5m. Any stand structure, exhibit or display about 2.44m high must be at least one metre away from the neighbouring partition wall. Suspended items or banners from the hall ceiling, and any special stand construction has to be approved by the Event Secretariat.

D. Building Material / Dangerous Materials

No temporary gas, petrol or highly inflammable substances are allowed in the halls. No false ceiling will be approved. All pressure vessels or equipment must conform to safety standards and regulations.
Approval for its use is required.

2. Hall Specification

A. Floor Loading Capacity

The floor load capacity of the Exhibition hall is 17.5KN/sqm. Special arrangements including the provision of a steel base plate may be required for any exhibit exceeding these limits. The Event Secretariat’s delivery schedule for heavy and large exhibits must be strictly adhered to.

B. Power Supply & Lighting

The Event Secretariat will provide general lighting in the exhibition hall during show time only. The standard electrical current supply available for use is 220V. Exhibitors requiring different voltages/frequency or special connections to equipment must arrange directly with the appointed Contractor.

All electrical installation and equipment must comply with government regulations.
For safety reasons, all electrical installation work at the exhibition must be carried out solely by the Event Secretariat’s appointed Contractor. The Event Secretariat reserves the right to cut off power supply in case of improper connections. Multi plugs and gangways are strictly not allowed.

All sockets are for machine use only and not for lighting. For safety reasons, please use one socket for one machine only.

C. General Cleaning

The Event Secretariat will provide general cleaning service of the show area. This only includes cleaning of carpet/flooring and rubbish disposal before the exhibition opens in the morning and after the exhibition closes in the evening. It excludes cleaning of exhibits and displays. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to maintain the cleanliness of his booth at all times.

D. Removal of Waste

During the set-up and tear-down period, passageways in the exhibition hall must not be obstructed with packing materials, construction materials or debris. Contractors building Special Design booths or booth interiors are responsible for removing their own debris from the site all the materials from their client’s booth. Should they not do so; the deposit paid will be used to pay for removal by the official cleaning contractor.

Exhibitors are requested to place their debris in the aisle, from where it will be removed by the cleaners at the end of each show day. The Event Secretariat reserves the right to charge exhibitors for the cost of removal of excessive packing materials and discarded crates or cartons.

E. Industrial Gas Demonstration & Fire Protection

Exhibitors, who, because of the nature of their exhibits, require specific fire precaution, must make arrangements at their own cost for provision of such equipment/service. Exhibitors must not bring in or use at the exhibition site any dangerous or hazardous goods and equipment such as poisonous gas, fuel, kerosene, noxious materials, inflammables and equipment using such inflammable materials as gas stoves and electric stoves without written consent of the Event
Secretariat. Even when the consent is given, adequate precautionary measures must be taken by exhibitors at all times. Exhibitors are also not allowed to carry out any fire hazardous operation/work.

All safety precautions must be taken by the contractor or the exhibitor to protect the public against any danger of fire outbreak. The Venue Representatives may require on-site inspection to ensure maximum fire safety.

F. Storage

Direct arrangements should be made with an appointed official freight forwarder. Otherwise, exhibitors must arrange for their cartons and cases to be transported back to their own premises. Exhibitors are not to store such items within the exhibition halls.

The organiser reserves the right to remove/dispose of any carton, cases and/or packing materials left in the exhibition halls. Any cost incurred will be borne by the exhibitor.


3. Film, Audio / Visual & Product Demonstration

Audio visual equipment may be provided by the exhibitor or hired from the official AV supplier. When in operation, audio visual equipment must not disturb visitors or exhibitors with excessive sound/noise. The Event Secretariat reserves the right to discontinue any audio visual presentation which in their opinion is disruptive to the event. When a high level of noise or other objectionable factors are involved, demonstrations may only take place at timing stipulated by the Event Secretariat, who reserves the rights to disallow a demonstration at any time.
No photography or video recording is allowed in the exhibition hall unless written approval is obtained from the Event Secretariat.

4. Lucky Draw Application
Any promotional activity involving the above will need a permit from:

Lucky Draw Application
Gambling Suppression Branch/ CID
Blk C Police Cantonment Complex
391 New Bridge Road Singapore 088762
Attn: Lucky Draw Officer
Tel: (65) 6435 8220
Fax: (65) 6220 7142

5. Insurance

General Insurance will be covered and handled by the Event Secretariat. However it is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange insurance coverage for their own exhibits during the exhibition.

All exhibitors must arrange at their own cost “all-risk” insurance coverage from origin country up to their exhibition booth including exhibition period and return to domicile. Exhibitors must ensure that they are fully covered by insurance and take out public liability and comprehensive protection.

Exhibitors are also responsible for making good any loss or damage to any item which they have rented or hired from the official contractors/suppliers. Though the Event Secretariat maintain the security surveillance at all times, exhibitors are reminded that goods/exhibits will still, nevertheless, be at risk, especially during the final day of the show.

Please ensure your stand, especially personal and valuable property, portable and rented items, are not left unattended at any time before, during and after the show. Exhibitors are reminded that small, portable and valuable items are most at risk after the exhibition closes each day. Therefore, exhibitors are advised to keep these items safely stored each day before leaving the exhibition area.

If your exhibits are very valuable or sensitive and you wish to hire security personnel to attend to your stand exclusively for off show hours, please contact the Event Secretariat.

6. General Security

The Event Secretariat will provide general security round the clock. Exhibitors and their staff will not be allowed to enter the exhibition area after official hours. All personnel in the exhibition area must wear identification badges. Exhibitor badges and temporary passes could be collected at the Registration Counter on-site.

7. Booth Operation

No business activity shall be conducted by the exhibitor and his co-participant outside their booth boundaries such as distribution of promotional material outside their booths. Activities which will inconvenience or disturb the conduct of the business session, will not be allowed.

Without special permission from the Event Secretariat, delivery of exhibits cannot be taken into the booth once the show has officially opened, nor removed from the booth before closure of the event. If exhibitors wish to remove any display item from the show area, a written request must be submitted to the Event Secretariat for approval.
Exhibitors must give proper consideration to the conditions under which their equipment will be demonstrated. Precautions must be taken for protection of the public.

Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to remove valuable and portable exhibits from the exhibition hall as soon as possible after 1800hrs on the final day of the show. Fire & Safety regulations require that no goods or packing materials may be stored in access areas behind or between booths. Exhibitors should design proper storage areas with adequate access within their own booth.

The exhibitor and his staff shall be responsible for any damages to the structure, floor, walls, pillars and any part of the Exhibition Hall, the Property of the Event Secretariat, and other Exhibitors due to the transport, removal of exhibits, refuse and/or decoration works.

Aisle ways indicated on the floor plan must be kept clear of all exhibition goods or decoration materials in order to facilitate flow of traffic. Exhibitors & Contractors must clear items not for display purpose (e.g. containers, packing items) the day before the show period according to the schedule. The Exhibitors will have to reimburse the Event Secretariat for the cost of removing such articles from their booth if they fail to do so.

Cleaning of paint containers or any other dirty items in the washroom is prohibited.

8. Working Exhibit

Working machinery or moving equipment must be fitted with safety devices when the machines are in operation. These safety devices may be removed only when the machinery or equipment are not in operation and are disconnected from the source of electrical power. All pressure vessels and machinery or equipment under pressure must conform to local safety standards and regulations.

Working machines must be place at a relatively safe distance from visitors. Use of safety guard is strongly recommended. Any machinery or apparatus displayed in the Exhibition Hall shall only be demonstrated within the Exhibition Booth, operated by qualified persons and shall not be left running without proper supervision of such persons. No motors, engines or power driven machinery may be used without adequate protection taken out by the Exhibitor against risk of fire.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

The Event Secretariat has the right to request Exhibitors to remove exhibits which are alleged to violate intellectual property rights. Any possible legal consequence resulting from such breech will have to be borne by the exhibitors concerned.

10. Regulatory Authorities
Where applicable, the above rules and regulations are additional to rules and directions set by the Regulatory Authorities. All exhibitors and their contractors must abide by the code of practices set by the relevant Regulatory Authorities.

11. Food and Beverages (F&B)

No external F & B suppliers/caterers are allowed to supply or cater any form of food and beverage in the exhibition hall. Singapore Expo provides an extensive range of F & B services to suit any event. Please approach the centre for all F & B requirements.

12. Force Majeure

In the event that the event is postponed, shortened, extended or cancelled due to any cause whatsoever outside or beyond the control of the Event Secretariat and Organizer, the Event Secretariat and Organizer shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred by the exhibitor directly or indirectly, attributable to the elements of nature force majeure or orders and directives imposed by any government authority. Under such circumstances, the money paid by the exhibitor or any part thereof, is refundable at the sole discretion of the Event Secretariat.

13. Unforeseen Occurrences

In the event of any unforeseen occurrences or not stated in these Rules & Regulations, the decision of the Event Secretariat shall be final.

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